To develop a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude.


To unite Indonesian Buddhist youth and to inspire them in cultivating wisdom, compassion and gratitude through the six main service areas of Dharma propagation, education, culture, welfare, leadership and organizational training, publications.

The Young Buddhist Association of Indonesia under Yayasan Muda Mudi Buddhis Bersatu

Abbreviation: YBA
Founding Date : May 22, 2016
Type : Religious Organization
Head Office : Jalan Waspada 33 Surabaya
Service Area : Indonesia
General Chairperson: Gondo Wibowo Tantri
Website :


Young Buddhist Association Indonesia or YBAI under Yayasan Muda Mudi Buddhis Bersatu is the leading Buddhist youth organization in Indonesia. This organization was founded on May 22, 2016


The establishment of the Young Buddhist Association to live the message of the Buddha and create a caring and positively impactful community.

With faith in the Buddha’s mission of compassion, grow in worldly freedom. The Young Buddhist Association Indonesia continues to provide lessons about the lifestyle of the surrounding environment with benevolence, compassion and gratitude.

YBAI will continue to grow to be involved in the development of Buddhism in the national arena, propagate Dharma’s lesson to young people and provide facilities and infrastructure for leadership training for young Indonesian Buddhists.

With strong foundations, Buddhism in the archipelago can record good developments for the lives of Buddhists and non-Buddhists. YBAI will gradually develop Buddhism in Indonesia with modern methods and can be accepted by all elements of society in collaboration with the government and monasteries to carry out social activities for the wider environment.


Values taken from the six Paramitas and based on the resolution of Adhisthana:

  • Service (Paramita Fund)
  • Integrity (Sila Paramita)
  • Effort (Virya Paramita)
  • Respect (Ksanti Paramita)
  • Self Reflection To Cultivate Compassion (Dhyana Paramita including Maitriand Upeksha)
  • Having Right Faith (Prajna Paramita including Naiskramya)

Organizational structure

Chairman of the Board of Directors : Billy Lukito Joeswanto
Chairman of the Supervisory Board : Isahito Norhatan
Chairman : Gondo Wibowo Tantri
Vice Chairman : Limanyono Tanto
Secretary 1: Meilynawaty
Secretary 2: Nerissa Arviana
Treasurer 1: Tan Ma Ching
Treasurer 2: Meilynawaty

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