Yayasan Muda Mudi Buddhis Bersatu


After attaining enlightenment, the Buddha was teaching the Dharma and he create a truthful community we call it Sangha. Well, it’s starts from only five people for real! But we can see the world now has millions of Buddhists. Sangha or mindful community is one of the main purpose of the Buddha.  Sangha tries to enlive the non-self or selfless teaching of the Buddha in daily life. For a broader sense, Sangha is not only consists of monks, but also laymen and laywomen (upasaka and upasika).

Following His teaching then we create the Buddhist connect groups, which try to invite the young people, especially young Buddhists, to living mindfully as community of brotherhood and sisterhood, which is the main tenets of living selflessly. In this Buddhist connect groups, we can share with the community with truthfulness, support each other, empower each other to live their highest potential, and giving the right education about Buddha Dharma in various contemporary ways. We believe that all of us have Buddha-potential and our human birth is indeed a greatest miracle, that we have the highest possibilities to live the most fulfilling life like the Buddha and his successfull lay students. We are not only support the young people’s spiritual life but also the professional life and social life, because we believe that spirituality can and must be applied into professional work and social relations that were needed by young people. Living in Buddhist connect groups are perfect to learn selflessness, because we live together as family with each other’s uniqueness, therefore we can learn to let go ego, respect each other and be more intimate into the world around us.


As new community, Young Buddhist Association is created to enlived the message of the Buddha, to carry his boon to create a mindful community which is based from understanding of selflessness, interbeing.

Our members are ranging from around 17 years old to 40 years old.

If you are on that age group, then please come join us!

Experience and feel the compassion of the Buddha we want to build! Be part of our awesome journey!

Hence we are making resolution(adhisthana) to lives our values that taken from the six paramita:

  1. Service (Dana Paramita)
  2. Integrity (Sila Paramita)
  3. Joyful Effort (Virya Paramita)
  4. Respect (Ksanti Paramita)
  5. Self Reflection To Grow Compassion (Dhyana Paramita includes Maitri and Upeksha)
  6. Learning Having Right Faith (Prajna Paramita includes Naiskramya)

Lotus Meal

Lotus Meal adalah acara yang digagas oleh para relawan dari mahasiswa untuk membantu memberi makanan bergizi halal dan vegetarian bekerjasama dengan Yayasan BDC kepada warga Isoman di Surabaya dan sekitarnya

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